Laporan tahunan Proton 2010

Berikut Maklumat Mengenai Laporan Tahunan Proton 2010. 2011~2012 merupakan lonjakan besar dalam Proton.

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” By the end of 2010, one new product will be launched in collaboration with Mitsubishi and a facelift of an existing model will be produced to ensure the continuous growth and development of our product range
and line-up. Thereon, PROTON will be focusing on a very exciting 2011 with the introduction of our turbo
engine, two facelifts and another brand new product which will signal PROTON’s transformation in terms of design and styling.

Beyond 2012, the EMAS (Eco-Mobility Advanced Solution), which was unveiled at the recent Geneva Motor
Show, is merely, for the lack of a better expression, the tip of the primordial iceberg. The EMAS is not merely a concept car but it is the physical embodiment of the pride, passion and progress that has charged the Company through all these years and it is also a snippet of our dreams and aspirations, in terms of concept, styling, design, technology and elements of these will be incorporated in all our future products and technological offerings. “

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