2010 Rolls Royce PR4 'Baby' Limo Captured on Film by Reader

During a skiing trip to Austria, Carscoop reader Philipp Schmid and his female companion stumbled upon a BMW Group test-car convoy comprised of various future models including Rolls Royce's forthcoming 'baby' limo. Codenamed PR4, the four-door luxury sedan is based on the new BMW 7-Series platform and mechanics and according to sources, it will be positioned between the Bavarian automaker's flagship saloon and the larger Rolls Royce Phantom.

Despite the fact that the PR4 is heavily related to the 7-Series, the British firm has said that its entry-level sedan will powered by a new engine, unique to Rolls-Royce - most likely a V12.

Our reader's spy video and photos reveal that the PR4 will carry on many design cues from the larger Phantom, including the rear suicide doors from the Phantom and the high, squared-off shaped roof that helps provide enough headroom for the car's wealthy rear passengers.

"The RR4 has a more informal presence than the Phantom models with a greater emphasis on driving," claims Rolls Royce Chief designer, Ian Cameron. "In design terms this is expressed through its slightly smaller dimensions and more organic form, yet with powerful, purposeful proportions. It is a true and uncompromising Rolls-Royce in every sense."

Though this has not been officially confirmed yet, it is rumored that Rolls Royce will present a concept version of the PR4 at next month's Geneva Motor Show. The production version of Rolls Royce 'baby' luxury model is due to be launched in international markets during 2010.

Thanks to Carscoop

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