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While most of the news coming out of Modena these days has revolved around Ferrari’s soon to debut California, our spy shooters happened to be in just the right place at just the right time to capture a car that may be altogether more fascinating.

This Ferrari test mule may be largely wearing the bodywork of a 360, but what lies beneath the surface very well could be the next generation F430. The first tip-off to the secrets within is the exhaust pipes that have been routed to a place just under the license plate, instead of their usual spots at the extreme rear corners of the car. The mule is also seen to be sporting camouflage on its revised rocker panels, a new front bumper, and a blacked out rear window which obscures our view of the engine.

That the engine is completely hidden makes this an extra interesting set of spy shots, as it means that the car could even be serving as a powertrain mule for something no less exotic than the successor to the Ferrari Enzo. Expect to read updated news on the mystery Ferrari as we have it, and check out the shooter’s firsthand account below:

Did you think that the GT California was the only car that was in the pipeline at Ferrari?

Well think again, as we have spotted a mule that probably will be for the next generation F430, but its also a small chance it’s a powertrain mule for the Enzo successor.

We were overtaken by a strange looking 360 while driving on the highway, and noticed that the exhaust pipes were missing in the normal place. After a closer look, we found them, in the middle right under the licence plate, and we managed to snap some shots before it took off at a speed that we couldn’t follow.

But before it took off, we noticed what looked like a slightly modified front bumper from an F430 and also cammoed rocker panels. The rear window, or should we call it engine window, was also taped up just to make sure no one would see what’s new in the engine bay.

We will try to keep you updated with more info as quick as we will have some.

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